Start the Franchise, Enrich the World

Start the Franchise, Enrich the World

Join us to learn the skills to manage the franchise headquarters

What is the Franchise Organizer Training Course & qualification?

[Franchise Organizer Training Course] is a unique program flegma launched in October 2022 in Japan, To develop human resources to lead the franchise headquarters. With 21 programs and the certificate exam, you will get a license of the Franchise Organizer.

We are recruiting the franchisee as Global Master Franchise Privilege who operate this FO training course in your country.
※One company in one country

Franchise Organizer Training Course

※One company in one country

Host the FO training course
in your country

Systematic theory based on professional experiences

Program you can learn the necessary human skills

Training by an expert

If you are / will be managing the Franchise headquarters management, development, SV,
We train you to be professional “Franchise Organizer”

Qualified Person for Franchise Organizer

People who acquired the skills of Franchise development in good quality, as well as perform good people skills to manage the franchisee and the headquarters.


There is no precedent for the position of “Franchise Organizer” in the past, and I am the first one who proposed it in this industry.
The contents in this training course are a systematic logic and learn the people skills to direct the headquarters.
We have operated 3 quarters so far and have 65 students with 30 certified persons.
I believe they will be the leaders in Franchise industry.

Let me explain how it came about recruiting this FO course / Global Master License to overseas.
We, flegma is elected to “TOP 10 FRANCHISE CONSULTING SERVICES PROVIDERS IN APAC 2024” by Business Management Review. There are a thousand of franchise business in the world, but we are evaluated of having unique training courses.
With this as a starting point, we’ve started to recruit our courses to overseas.

Flegma support you everything you need to operate the franchise organizer training course.
You will be also be able to receive the “Master Franchise Qualification” which you can recruit business partner in your country.
We are positioned as a significant contributor to the Japanese franchise industry, join us to be a pioneer of franchise development in your country.
Looking forward to working with you.

Sho Sasaki
President & CEO of flegma

Sho Sasaki President & CEO of flegma

Support System

  • Our staff from headquarter visit the spot with interpreter, and have training there.
  • Provide you English translation of our online materials
  • Online Consultation

Qualification of Master Headquarters
Franchise fee / royalty

Franchise Fee (flat)USD 47,000
Royalty20% of revenue
※Settlement every period


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    Contact us to requests documents

    Please contact us via online form in this website

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    Online interview

    We’ll provide you more details

  • step03

    Final interview before start franchise

    visit our office in Japan and talk to us in person

  • step04


    franchise screening with your documents & company information

  • step05

    Franchise Agreement

    online contract process (by email or cloud)


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President & CEO
Sho Sasaki
1-32-15 Narimasu, Itabashi-ku,
Tokyo, 175-0094, Japan